Selected Articles in Referred Journals

אלאור תמר, רגב מוטי. 2017. "כינונו של סגנון ישראלי 1967-1973". בתוך: ישראל 67-77 המשכיות ומפנה. עופר שיף ואביבה חלמיש (עורכ.). סדרת עיונים בתקומת ישראל. מכון בן גוריון.

Meta-Sex 94: Identity, Body and Sexuality. Museum of Art, Ein Harod (June-July). Bat Yam Museum (October-November). 1994. (Curated with Tami Katz Freiman).

png מתא המסוק לבית הקולנוע - פניה של הישראליות בסרטים "כיפור" ו-"ככר ההחלומות" .

** El Or, Tamar.1991."Captured Babies: The Ultraorthodox Perception of Non Orthodox Jews." Megamot 34(1) pp. 104-121 (Hebrew).

Reprinted in:

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Reprinted in:

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Reprinted in:

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Reprinted in:

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Reprinted in: Local Anthropology

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** El Or, Tamar, 2011 " The Winter of the Veiled Women".

** El Or, Tamar, 2011 " Les Femmes Voilees de Beit Shemesh".

** El Or, Tamar, 2010 " The Winter of the Veiled Women". Theory and Critcism 37 (Hebrew)

** El Or, T. (2012), The Soul of the Biblical Sandal: On Anthropology and Style. American Anthropologist, 114: 433–445


** " Zones of Suffering Ethics and Ethnography" This paper was written by Dr. Nita Schechet and myself around the year 2000. It was rejected from 3 main anthropological journals. We felt at the time that the rejection was political , and still think it is one of the most important papers we wrote. Happy to share it with you.