tami smallTamar El Or , Sarah Allen Shaine Professor of Anthropology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Her academic interests lie at the intersection between gender, culture and knowledge. El Or's Ph.D. dissertation was a pioneering study of ultra-Orthodox women in Israel. The research was published as the book, Educated and Ignorant, in both Hebrew and English.

El Or's fieldwork and findings on the ultra-Orthodox community led to research on the modern (national) Orthodox and Sephardic Mizrahi communities in Israel. The results are a trilogy of monographs on gender, religion, and the meanings of knowing.

Lately she is conducting research on material culture and style. See below a link to the first publication out of this project "The Soul of the Biblical Sandal". The book :Sandals: on Anthropology of Local Style, came out in Hebrew with "Am Oved".

In the summer of 2016, Elor started a new project, in collaboration with Dr. Assaf Nativ and Arbel Levi. Conducting an archeological excavation at the first landfill of Tel Aviv, located on the outskirts of Mikve Israel. The project hosts Geographer Dr. Yaron Belslava and Geologist Dr. Gilad Steinberg. The research is supported by the ISF and the Dan region Association of towns.

June 2018 - An Exhibition at Muza, Tel Aviv : The Sandal: Anthropology of local style. (See under Exhibitions)

April 2021 - An Exhibition at Design Museum Holon: The Pit: Artifacts raised up from the belly of the earth. (See under Exhibitions)


אלאור תמר, רגב מוטי. 2017. "כינונו של סגנון ישראלי 1967-1973". בתוך: ישראל 67-77 המשכיות ומפנה. עופר שיף ואביבה חלמיש (עורכ.). סדרת עיונים בתקומת ישראל. מכון בן גוריון.

הספר "סנדלים- אנתרופולוגיה של סגנון מקומי" . לקריאת תוכן העניינים וההקדמה

במקום שבו נגמר הגוף: אנתרופולוגיה של קצוות

The Soul of the Biblical Sandal: On Anthropology and Style

The Winter of the Veiled Women

Les Femmes Voilees de Beit Shemesh