Selected Chapters in Edited Books

**pdfThe land of the free things- the anthropological language of the Anthropocene (Hebrew) 

 בתוך: אנדרה לוי. 2022. על מלאכים שדים ובני אדם. תל אביב: רסלינג . עמ. 361-396

**pdfThe Land of Free Things: How objects escape their identities (English version - Draft)


 **El Or, Tamar, 2014 The chapter "Right where the body ends: anthropology on and of the edges" was published in 2014 in the book "Thoughts on shoes". Gal Ventura,Ori Bartal, Einat Leeder (eds). Bezalel Academy and Resling. Pp. 224-241 (Hebrew).

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